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it seems kinda dead in here but... [11 Jan 2004|09:01pm]

i was wondering if anyone knows when the illf8 site will be up and what's up with them.
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[27 Nov 2003|10:47am]

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Crap! [14 Oct 2003|05:02pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I just realized that it's October 14th, which means that I missed Edgy's birthday. It was yesterday. D'oh!! Sorry sweetie!! Hope you had a great time!!

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hellooo... [27 Aug 2003|08:19pm]

[ mood | amused ]

hi im new here and yea i love sinisstar
saw them at a rob zombie concert wit a friend and was i love

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yay. [12 Aug 2003|07:35pm]

[ mood | bored ]

So what is everyone up too??

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What Happened. [03 Aug 2003|02:13am]

[ mood | blah ]

Dude, what has happened to sinisstar. I remember seeing them at the Rob Zombie show back in the day. Ever since kind of don't know what happened.

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I started this new community.. [31 Jul 2003|11:46am]

Its for the music lovers and the muscians. So join and be the first to pop the community cherry!

Its called Nixoninchina
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and another thing [09 Jul 2003|11:18am]

[ mood | happy ]

because it's listed as an interest and people might want to know:


Virgin recording group A Perfect Circle has concluded a half-year creative process of emotional soul-searching with the completion of their much-anticipated second album, THIRTEENTH STEP. The darkly textured collection of new songs will be unveiled during a two-week string of very exclusive club dates across the country beginning July 26th , it was announced today. The new album will arrive in stores on September 16th, the follow-up to the platinum Mer De Noms, APC's extraordinary Virgin Records debut of May 2000.

A dramatically powerful album that picks up sonically where Mer De Noms left off, THIRTEENTH STEP is a conceptual exploration of the darker side of the human psyche. The final sequence of songs includes: "The Package," "Weak and Powerless," "The Noose," "Blue," "Vanishing," "A Stranger," "The Outsider," "Crimes," "The Nurse Who Loved Me," "Pet," "Lullaby," and "Gravity."

July 26th • Denver, CO • Ogden Theater • on sale July 11
July 28th • Dallas, TX • Grenada Theater • on sale July 18
July 30th • Atlanta, GA • Roxy Theater • on sale July 11
August 1st • Norfolk, VA • The Norva • on sale July 11
August 2nd • Washington, DC • 9:30 Club • on sale July 11
August 3rd • Boston, MA • Berklee Academy of Music • on sale July 11
August 5th • New York, NY • Irving Plaza • on sale July 18
August 6th • Philadelphia, PA • Theater of Living Arts • on sale July 18
August 8th • Cleveland, OH • Odeon • on sale July 18
August 9th • Detroit, MI • St. Andrew's Hall • on sale July 18
August 10th • Chicago, IL • Cabaret Metro • on sale July 18
August 11th • Minneapolis, MN • Pantages • on sale July 18

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Sinnistar-ish Dream [09 Jul 2003|11:07am]

[ mood | amused ]

Hey kids, I'm new to this community but I'm a friend of troublewalking, and the boys, and, as was recently discovered, apparently a distant relative of Edgy. Anyway I had this really screwed up dream about troublewalking and edgy, and it was so absurd I figured I'd share.

So...troublewalking and I lived together, apparently, in this really really *nice* house with my dad and step mother. (I really don't know why. But we did!) And ...after awhile, Edgy apparently came to stay with us. He was living in a beat up rusty camper truck in a courtyard of the house beside the pool.

He was a great friend to the family--troublewalking lived in a separate apartment in the downstairs part of the house but she was still considered family---and we all went and did all sorts of fun things together like going to amusement parks and water parks and all sorts of funny things like that. (yes this was all in the dream). We were all bestest bestest buddies and things were all glorious.

Then people we knew started disappearing. Friends, neighbors, relatives. I was staying in a room really close to Edgy's courtyard, and that's when I discovered that not only did he know why people were disappearing, he was the one killing them! Edgy was apparently a mass murderer. (throwback to the L.A. Gangbanger days? I don't know.) So I'm home alone with him and I confront him about it and he doesn't deny it which of course means he has to kill me too, but we apparently came to the mutual agreement that we would wait until my father got home to sort it all out. So I sat in the living room with him watching t.v. for the longest time...waiting on my dad. I remember thinking I couldn't leave the room because if I did Edgy would go hide somewhere and then he'd try to kill me when I was looking for him.

At some point, troublewalking came home, and tried to come up stairs, but I wouldn't let her because I didn't want her killed. So I locked her in her basement apartment and she spent rather the rest of the dream banging on the door trying to figure out what was going on.

So my father does in fact come home, and I tell him what I know, and it's generally decided that while we're not particularly *mad* at Edgy for going around killing people, we don't really want a serial killer staying at our house, either. So we tell him to leave, and he does, packing up his little camper truck and trundling off into the wild blue yonder, or whatever.

I spent the rest of the dream in total shock, going "I can't believe Edgy's a serial killer!" and looking over my shoulder every five seconds because I was positive he was coming back for me.

...and that's where I woke up. Weird, huh?

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Erm... [01 Jul 2003|09:47pm]
[ mood | tired ]

What's going on with Sinisstar at the moment? :-/

Neither sinisstar.com or illf8.com are up at the moment!

Whats happening!? :-(

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Relocation [06 Apr 2003|11:17am]

[ mood | awake ]

Just popping in to let everyone know that Edgy and Shadow have made it to Atlanta in one piece, and they are currently working on some new kick ass material.

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[06 Apr 2003|01:41am]

A community has been created for Powerman 5000 fans, so feel free to join it. powerman_5000.
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Hey. [16 Mar 2003|09:45pm]

Brand-new member posting to the community...

Saw Sinisstar as an opening act for Rob Zombie last April, and was blown away! (They were 50 times better than Zombie, who couldn't sing in tune, and played a shitty set.)

Any word on when (if) a new Sinisstar project is due to start production? I heard the band was currently on hiatus.
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dah dun dun [10 Mar 2003|01:26pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Yo, I heard the sinisstar guys are broken up and not a band anymore due to money problems...
I hear that Shadow and Edgemaster are in this other band I can't exaclty remember the name...
Anyone else hear that besides Jugo eh?

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woo [12 Dec 2002|07:08pm]

[ mood | bored ]

-waves- hiii guys

still alive ?

anyone know whats goin on with sinisstar ?

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hi [13 Nov 2002|06:47am]

Just wanted to say hi...considering I'm new to the group and what not. I saw Sinisstar first April 22, 2002. my friend and I fell in love with them. and the day the cd came out we searched everywhere for it ended up going to 2 different stores that each had only one copy of the disc. Um...yeah that's about it.
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[02 Oct 2002|09:58pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

nobody talks on here....

....i miss sinisstar....

....i miss shadow....


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Sorry [16 Sep 2002|12:38pm]
I feel like such an ass for not keeping up with this *hides* I've decided to hand this over to someone else, I mean I hardly update my own journal, I doubt I can do the same for this. Anyone interested in running it? Let me know. Byes
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[29 Aug 2002|11:08am]

[ mood | confused ]

what is this change of lineup that edgy was talking about in the journal on their website? i hadn't heard anything about it until that point...

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o0o... [11 Aug 2002|12:32am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Greetings fellow freaks :D...
New here.

First saw Sinisstar as an opening act for Rob Zombie a few months ago -- and I loved 'em. Also managed to get a guitar pick at the end of the show. :)

I <3 Edgy's vocal work. x,x Can go from a whisper to a scream to easily. Very go0od. :D Welp... thought I'd pop in. Mmk. Bai now. ;p

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